The wholesale prices of artificial flowers vary depending on the type, quality, and quantity of the flowers being purchased, as well as the supplier or manufacturer. However, generally speaking, purchasing artificial flowers in bulk or wholesale quantities can often result in lower per-unit costs compared to buying individual flowers.

Wholesale prices for artificial flowers can range from a few cents per stem to several dollars per stem, depending on the factors mentioned above. Some suppliers may offer discounts or special pricing for larger orders or repeat customers.How to import artificial flowers from China?

It’s best to research and compare prices from several different wholesale suppliers before making a purchase to ensure that you’re getting the best possible price for the quality and quantity of flowers you need. Additionally, be sure to factor in any shipping or handling fees, as these can affect the overall cost of your purchase.

Blue artificial orchid 008
  • Height:95cm
  • 9 heads
  • Flower length:10.5cm dia:11cm
  • Material: matte frabic
  • Stem:plastic

First of all, let’s talk about the material, which accounts for the largest cost in the production of fake flowers.

Can you tell the difference between these two fake flowers without looking carefully?

Like the 9 head matte frabic artificial orchid on the left, its wholesale price is 1.29usd/pcs (based on 400pcs), the same number of flower heads and the same weight, the 9 head plastic orchid on the right costs 1.35usd/pcs (based on 400pcs ).

artificial Phalaenopsis BR 0007-1
  • Height:95cm
  • 9 flowers
  • Heads dia:11cm
  • Flower part length:37cm
  • Material:real touch plastic
artificial silk light orange ranunculus

The price of small bundles of fake flowers is much higher than that of a single one. This has a lot to do with the number of flower heads and whether manual binding is required. The artificial silk ranunculus bundles on the left is bound manually, and its wholesale price is much higher than that of non-manual binding tied or single piece.

And this flower is a real touch flower, its processing technology is different from ordinary 3d printing or silk floral, it is a high quality silk flower, aimed at middle and high-end users. The price is also much higher. If you want to get the latest catalog, please email: or Whatsapp: 0086 13920077206

Quantity is also very important. If you only buy a few pieces of each product, China artificial flower wholesaler is not willing to quote, this consumes a lot of their energy, who will do it without profit?

Moreover, this variety of artificial flowers is very light and bulky, and the transportation cost is very high. You will be surprised at the sky-high price it is delivered to you. It is better to buy it from the local area.

Here are a few good small order wholesale websites such as Dhgate, Aliexpress, Amazon, you can place an order from here, usually they have a special shipping department or overseas warehouse, and they can be shipped to your door at a very low shipping cost.

artificial sunflowers 013

If you want to buy several hundred pieces of each product, fake flower wholesalers are also a good choice, and the price will generally be cheaper. They generally have an office address in the trade city, and they store more varieties of fake flowers, which can support mixed batches of different colors and different flower types. One-stop shopping saves you effort.

If you are a large artificial flowers wholesaler, it is recommended that you contact the artificial manufacturer directly, and you will usually find a lot from the Internet. You can go to the factory for a direct interview, see the production process of artificial flowers, and get a beautiful price. After all, the advantageous price can enable you to obtain competitive downstream customers locally. But the minimum order quantity is much higher than that of wholesalers. Generally speaking, at least 500 pieces of each kind, and some even more than 2,000 pieces.

Generally speaking, each factory has its own main product. Unless you get a single product, it is difficult to purchase all your goods from one factory. The best way is to let the person in charge of the factory act as your agent in China, and let him help you purchase and send samples. In some special cases, the factory will dump some inventory and sell it at a very low price. Your agent is well informed, and they will buy your favorite goods at a very low price.

In short, Blush rose is an enterprise integrating production and retail, if you need to import artificial flowers, please contact us.

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