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Wholesale real look bulk artificial tulips flower  in China factory.It is widely used in party, wedding, decoration, if you want to import, contact us:; whatsapp: +86 139 2007 7206

Most Popular Wholesale Artificial Tulips Flower

From below you can find the latest popular wholesale styles, if you need more pictures and parameters, please contact our staff, we will send you a sample booklet.

About Artificial Bulk Tulips  Flower

 Our Artificial Tulip flowers are high quality and realistic, with different artificial tulip colors; pink, orange, yellow, red tulips and mixed colors of tulips. Your guests will be impressed!

Artifical flowers are a flower substitute made from plastic and cloth fabric, they are used instead of fresh flowers in some products. The use of artificial flowers was first introduced in the early 1950’s by Dutch florist Fred Winter who had been looking for a way to make an affordable bouquet after WWII.

Artificial tulips are an excellent way to give your loved ones the gift of flowers, without having to worry about bringing them home. You can use these fake tulips in a bouquet, or by themselves around your home. These long stem tulips are made from durable materials and will last for years.

Artificial tulip, artificial flowers, artificial plants. All fake flowers are high quality and very cheap price. If you need long stem fake tulips and other artificial flowers, like artificial dahlia, faux rose, fake cosmos,   please contact us! We are your best choice!

Whether you’re looking to add a splash of color to your house, or you want to brighten someone’s day with a bouquet of flowers that lasts, our artificial tulips are the perfect solution. Their realistic appearance and lifelike shape will help make any environment more cheerful, and the fact that they are never wilted or drooping means you never have to worry about watering.

Artificial silk flower wholesaler, supplying bulk artificial flowers at wholesale prices.

How to choose

If you’re still unsure how to choose between them, keep reading to learn more about these pretty flowers. Read on to learn more about the different types of artificial rose flowers you can buy. There are many different reasons to consider these beautiful flowers.

Get Inspired

We will upload our latest works on the relevant Youtube video channel to help you get more creative inspiration.

“This wholesaler always surprises me with a new variety of tulips almost every month, which always allows me to capture the market quickly.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose our company for artificial tulips wholesale?

With our rich experience and perfect organization, our company has established a good relationship  with global partners. Our product diversification enables guests to purchase the final home accessories, flowers and gifts in one stop.

Could artificial tulips be mixed with other flowers for wholesale?

If there is stock in the warehouse, at least one can be sold. If there is no stock in our warehouse, please contact our sales department for the minimum order quantity.

How to maintain artificial tulips flowers?

Artificial flowers require no maintenance, just a simple dusting once a week.

If it’s too dusty, you can use a citrus solution made from water and lemon juice. Repeat this process once a week and you’ll never have to worry about dusting your faux roses again.

The artificial flower can be washed directly in clean water. Do not rub hard to prevent falling flowers or burrs. Do not rub and wash by hand to avoid discoloration.

Who are the target customers of artificial tulips?

Major wholesalers, wedding planning centers, flower arrangements, etc.

What is the material of artificial silk tulips?

It’s not actually silk, it just looks like a real silk flower made in the 19th century. It is made of polyester, EVA, PVC, plastic and wire and other materials.

Can It be used outside?

It can be kept outdoors, but short-term storage is recommended. Because of long-term exposure to the outdoors, the product fades and deteriorates very quickly in light and rain environments.