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You can choose it from more than 600 styles,OEM is welcome

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Real artificial flower manufacturer from China, small fake flowers manufacturer, artificial plant manufacturer

pink artificial rose

Home & Living

Handicraft enthusiasts get a favorite gift while getting leisure and entertainment.

Weddings & Events

The artificial flowers have little loss, are easy to save, and are more convenient and simple in wedding arrangements.

morning glory bouquet

Large hotel decoration

Make the hotel look high-end and luxurious, satisfy customers’ pursuit of beautiful things.

Artificial Golden Flower

Custom Bouquets

Customized special flowers according to the needs of the local market to meet diverse needs.

yellow silk artificial tulip


Provide a good environment for diners and improve service quality.

champagne artificial silk rose


Create a good office environment, feel happy and improve office efficiency.

artificial silk peony


It can be used for a long time and basically does not need to be taken care of. 

artificial silk hydrangea

Design diversity

You can design bouquets according to your hobbies, which are less limited than real flowers.

China Artificial Silk Flower Manufacturer

 If you’re looking for a manufacturer that specializes in producing artificial silk flowers, we are one of your best partner in China.

I am the owner of a wedding company, and I am very happy to cooperate with this artificial flower manufacturer for many years, and we have gradually opened up the Australian market.


Custom Bouquets

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