Tianjin blush rose handicraft Co., Ltd is located in the famous artificial flower production base in Tianjin, China. Our passion and 20+ years of experience in all aspects have made us the premier local factory and wholesaler.



Multiple branches

※Multiple branches cooperate to produce, the daily output of artificial flowers and plants is more than 10,000, and supply can also be guaranteed for large bulk orders.

3000 square meters warehouse

※3000 square meters warehouse to ensure sufficient stock

Exported to many countries

※Deeply cultivated in export trade, the products are exported to many countries and have been well received.

Strictly inspected

※The products are strictly inspected before delivery.

Develops new products every month

※The R&D and design department develops new products every month to meet the market demand for different styles.

Medium and high-end products to choose from.

※Due to different market demands, on the basis of ensuring quality, there are medium and high-end products to choose from.

As a pure natural decoration, artificial flowers and plants are loved and accepted by more and more people for their unique advantages. With improved technology and the quality of raw materials, artificial flowers and plants are more real touched. Whether the application is in the construction industry or wedding room decoration; urban commercial greening or residential decoration. It is also the darling of major festivals and events.

We firmly believe that love is the source of success. Because of this love, we design and produce artificial flowers that are unique, durable, lifelike, real touch, and easy clean. Up to now, we have become a partner of large wholesalers and retailers in many countries in Europe, North America, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

The BLUSH ROSE team looks forward to cooperating with you.


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