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“We wholesale a lot of artificial silk plants from Bluse Rose, and their products are always updated to meet customers’ pursuit of new varieties.”


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About Artificial Silk Plants

We are located in the largest artificial plant base in China. We have artificial plants in various materials and colors for you to choose from. It’s perfect for use on patios, balconies, gardens, and more.

Welcome to the Bluse Rose website, where we have invested a lot of time in the research of rose golden artistic leaves. We provide the most artificial leaves, artificial plants, artificial silk flowers and related accessories in China.

Artificial plants can be used alone, and are generally used to decorate indoor or outdoor. It can also be used as a basis for a wide range of combinations and used in conjunction with artificial trees to give people a lush scene.

As one of the largest artificial plants suppliers in China, you can purchase very suitable products here. Our product series meet the local flower needs of Europe, America, or South America and Africa.

Whether you want to say happy anniversary, warm autumn, thank you for your love, birthday wishes, Blush Rose can do it. What’s more, your friends or loved ones will enjoy them for years to come and value their relationship with you.

If you want to know where you can import artificial plants from China, the easiest way is to find an exporter like us. You can contact our service personnel online, and we will provide you with a detailed product catalog, where you will always find fake plants that look real suitable for your market.

We provide high quality affordable silk plants wholesale and other home decor products at affordable prices. Our products include artificial hanging plants, artificial trailing plants, artificial potted plants, artificial succulent plants, artificial plants wall and more.

We offer a wide variety of styles and sizes to meet any decorating needs. All of our products are made with high-quality materials and come with a one year warranty.

We have been in business for over 20 years, so we know what it takes to make great products at a reasonable price. We use only the finest materials for our products because we want them to last as long as possible and look good while they do it.

We are the leading manufacturer silk plant supplier in the China. We offer a wide selection of silk plants, including bird of paradise, bamboo, palm leaves and so on.

Our silk plants are perfect for all kinds of retail businesses, from flower shops to florists to home decor stores. They are also great for wedding decorations as well as events such as birthday parties or baby showers.

Silk plants are a great way to add lush, green foliage to your home or office. Silk plants are an easy way to give your space a fresh, modern update without changing the color scheme or adding any furniture.

We offer wholesale pricing on our silk plants so that you can get them at a lower cost than if you bought them in store. We have a wide selection of different types of silk plants, including full-sized trees and bushes, as well as smaller potted plants and tropical grasses.

All of our products come with detailed care instructions so you know exactly how to keep them looking their best.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find and order wholesale artificial silk flower supplies ?

If you have ever been interested in purchasing wholesale artificial fake silk flowers, you probably want to know what to look for when buying them. While there are plenty of options to choose from, the price can be an important factor. When purchasing artificial flowers, be sure to choose items that match your business and your customers’ needs. You can find great deals on wholesale silk flowers in China, for example. However, be sure to check the restrictions in your country before you buy.

What is the Difference Between Regular and Silk Flowers?

If you are planning to decorate your home with flowers, you must know what the difference between regular flowers and silk ones is. Although both look natural and beautiful, there are a few key differences between regular and silk flowers. Regular flowers may look more expensive, but silk ones more cheap.The life cycle of real flowers is very short. And silk artificial flowers can be kept for a long time.

What is silk flower? 

Silk flowers are an affordable alternative to real flowers, and can last for up to a year. They are made with organically sourced silk fibers boiled in water and then hand-rolled over wire to give them shape. They come in almost any color imaginable, as well as being available in different shapes and sizes.

Is artificial silk flower biodegradable?

Articial silk flowers are considered a renewable resource because they are biodegradable and rich in cellulose. This makes them a popular choice for flower arrangements for events such as weddings and decoration. These plants make great props for movies, photoshoots, and other productions as well.

Where were Silk flowers initially made?

Artificial silk flowers were initially made in China. According to Chinese tradition, they were used to decorate the home for Spring Festival, otherwise known as Chinese New Year. Today many foreigners wholesale silk flowers from China for decoration.were initially made in China. More recently, artificial silk flowers have been a popular choice for floral displays and other creative uses.

What is the cost of the silk flowers?

So you’re thinking about placing an order with us, but you might be confused. “Are they wholesale silk flowers?” you ask yourself. The answer is yes! We do sell whole bunches of our loose artificial silk flowers at a lower bulk price, especially to wholesale customers. However, we also sell individual stems and bouquets to retail customers who just want a few pieces for their home decoration.

Can I still buy your wholesale silk flowers if I’m not a retailer?

Yes! We accept orders from both retailers and individuals looking to place small orders for special events like weddings or parties, as well as those who just want a few pieces for their home or office decoration.

Are you wholesale silk flowers?

So you’re thinking about placing an order with us, but you might be confused. “Are they wholesale silk flowers?” you ask yourself. The answer is yes! We do sell whole bunches of our loose artificial silk flowers at a lower bulk price, especially to wholesale customers. However, we also sell individual stems and bouquets to retail customers who just want a few pieces for their home decoration.

What is the MOQ for wholesale artifical silk flowers?

In general, each kind of MOQ for the regular product is 1000 pieces. Some people may take it back to make various decorative shapes, so we also provide mixed wholesale artificial flower from our stock. If you have special flower shape and color requirements, the MOQ is 5000 pieces each.

How long do silk artificial flowers last?

If handled properly, they can last for years. If you’re looking to make your silk flower purchase count, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Avoid using indoor or outdoor water fountains with real or fake floral decor. When it comes to artificial flowers, moisture is not a friend!

Don’t put your flowers in direct sunlight. The sun’s rays can cause the colors and textures of artificial silk flowers to fade over time.

About product and suppliers:

Blush Rose.com supply hundred of artificial plants in bulk. These high quality loose fake plants have different colors and meanings. At present, you choose loose silk florals, you can directly contact us enquiry@blush-rose.com directly to get the catalogue or buy. As well as ask for free samples, paid samples, enquiry@blush-rose.com.

As for the wholesale price, we supply cheap and competitive depending on quality. If you want to buy artificial plants from China with wholesale price, please contact us.

Why are artificial flowers cheap in China?

Artificial plants are relatively inexpensive in China for several reasons:

Manufacturing costs: China has a well-established manufacturing industry and is known for its low labor costs, which makes it cheaper to produce artificial plants in China compared to other countries.

Scale of production: China is a global leader in artificial plants production, and the industry has grown significantly over the past few decades. As a result, Chinese manufacturers have achieved economies of scale, which allows them to produce large quantities of artificial bulk plants at a lower cost.

Raw materials: China is also a major producer of the raw materials used in artificial flower production, such as silk, polyester, and plastic. This proximity to the source of the raw materials helps to reduce the cost of production.

Competition: Due to the large number of suppliers in China, there is a high level of competition in the bulk artificial plants market. This competition helps to keep prices low as manufacturers compete for business.

All these factors combined help to make artificial plants relatively inexpensive in China compared to other countries.

Is there any MOQ for artificial flower plants in China?

In China, the minimum order quantity for wholesale loose artificial plants varies depending on the supplier and the product.

Some suppliers may have lower minimum order quantities, such as 100 or 500 plants, while other manufacturers may require higher minimum order quantities, such as 1000 or more fake plants.

In addition, the minimum order quantity for fake plants of different models, brands, materials, and colors may also vary.

If you need to wholesale artificial plants, please contact the supplier you are interested in to learn about their minimum order quantity and other relevant information.

Maybe Blush Rose will help you. Contact: enquiry@blush-rose.com

How can I get wholesale artificial plants quotes?

You can fill out the form on the Contact us page: https://www.blush-rose.com/contact-us/, or email directly: enquiry@blush-rose.com, whatsapp:0086 13920077206.

If you have schedule time, welcome come to our factory.It is the most comprehensive form of communication.

About the sample

Thank you for your interest in our company’s plants. It is our pleasure to provide you with a sample, so that you can see the quality and performance of our products.

We will provide free samples to regular customers and will not charge you any fees.

But for new customers, we need to charge you a certain shipping fee due to the shipping cost.

Because a large number of customers need samples every year, this is not a small expense for our operation, please understand.

How to clean artificial plants?

The method for cleaning artificial plants varies depending on the material and manufacturing method. Here are some general methods:

Clean with a soft brush: Use a soft brush to gently sweep the surface of the plant to remove dust and dirt. If the plant has many small parts, a small brush or toothbrush can be used for cleaning.

Wipe with a damp cloth: Gently wipe the surface of the plant with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Before wiping, it is best to place the plant in an easy-to-clean location to avoid soiling other items.

Vacuuming: Using a vacuum can easily remove dust and dirt from the surface of the plant. Using a soft brush attachment can reduce the suction power of the vacuum to prevent damage to the plant.

Clean with cleaning agents: Mild cleaning agents can be used to clean artificial plants, but it is best to test on a less visible area of the plant first to avoid damage. The cleaning agent should be gentle and solvent-free to prevent damage to the plant.

Regular cleaning: To maintain the cleanliness and beauty of artificial plants, it is recommended to clean them regularly. It is suggested to clean them every month or two, or adjust according to actual situation.

Note that artificial plants should not be exposed to sunlight or humid environments to avoid damaging the material and shape of the plant.