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We wholesale a wide variety of artificial hanging flowers, like vines flower, fern flower, ivy flower, used for wedding, party and so on.Wholesale artificial hanging flowers to add endless charm to your home or office. Whether decorating a gallery, gift shop or other occasion, decorative flowers and vase plants are a must.

Introduction to Artificial Hanging Flower:

– Artificial hanging flowers are a popular choice for flower arrangements as they offer a long-lasting and low-maintenance alternative to real flowers.
– Silk flowers are commonly used in artificial hanging flower arrangements due to their realistic appearance and durability.
– Some popular artificial hanging flowers include daisies, silk pink flowers, pothos, and purple bundles.
– Customers can easily order artificial hanging flowers on Blush rose, with options for free delivery and coupons available for the fastest delivery.

What are Artificial Hanging Flowers?

– Artificial hanging flowers are fake plants designed to mimic the appearance of real hanging flowers.
– These artificial hanging plants are made from various materials such as silk, plastic, and polyester.
– Artificial hanging flowers come in a wide range of colors and styles, making them suitable for any home or event decor.
– They can be used in various ways, including as standalone decor pieces or in artificial hanging baskets.
– Faux flowers are a cost-effective option for those who want to enjoy the beauty of hanging flowers without the hassle of maintaining real ones.

Why Wholesale Artificial Hanging Flower?

Finding the perfect artificial flower wholesaler can often be a tedious task. At this time, the customized service of Blush rose can provide you with the ideal solution.
Blush rose not only provides a variety of trendy styles of artificial flowers, but also VIP designs according to customer requirements. Whether you are a fashion designer, wedding planner or fake flower retailer, this service has you covered.
First of all, we have rich experience and professional design team. They are familiar with trends and market demands, and can design styles that meet the market according to your requirements. Whether it is wedding, Christmas or etsy, artificial flower factory can meet your needs.
Secondly, the artificial flower factory has advanced production equipment, and they pay attention to quality control. Whether it is embossing or cuttings, every link has been carefully controlled to ensure the quality and perfection of the final product.
When choosing artificial hanging flower wholesale customization, you can choose according to your needs and budget. The factory provides flowers of different prices and styles for you to choose. Whether you need to buy in stock in bulk or customize a batch of unique artworks, you can find a suitable solution.
Finally, through our wholesale customization service, you can also enjoy more competitive prices. The wholesale mode of the factory can help you reduce costs and get more profit margins. Whether you run a craft boutique or a wedding planning company, this service can meet your business needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum order for bulk wholesale?

Our artificial flowers are low-value daily consumables, and we mainly sell to wholesaler.Usually the minimum order is 200 pcs for one color, if in stock, 50 pcs is ok. Other quantity can be negotiated according to the specific situation.

Can I buy your artificial flowers directly?

The wedding artificial artificial flowers is a product that requires a lot of energy, we don’t have that many employees, so we don’s supply to end users, we supply to trader and wholesaler only.

Could I get some samples before order?

Yes, usually the samples are free, you need to pay the courier fees


Can we do our own label/packaging?

We can hang the label on the product.

We can also put the product into a plastic bag or a specified box size according to your requirements, and then paste a barcode, etc.