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Wholesale real look artificial bougainvillea flower  in China factory.It is widely used in party, wedding, decoration, if you want to import, contact us:

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About Artificial Silk Bougainvillea Flower

The artificial silk bougainvilleaalso called fake bougainvilleas. The flowers are made of high-grade silky cloth, the outer stems are made of plastic and inside the stem is flexible thin wire.

We wholesale more than 30 colors for your choice. Artificial red bougainvilleas, artificial white bougainvilleas, fake yellow bougainvilleas, burgundy fake bougainvilleas, pink silk bougainvilleas,  artificial purple bougainvilleas are the most popular ones. Different colors of roses represent different flower languages

The nearly natural artificial bougainvilleas are used for many occasions such as: weddings, home decoration, parties, offices, festival decor and any occasion you want.

If you are looking for an easy way to enhance your room, consider buying an artificial bougainvillea flower. Not only does this plant look great in a vase, but it is also highly adaptable and can be placed on any surface. Silk bougainvillea is ideal for any interior space, whether it is a dining room, family room, or bedroom. Its vibrant hues and spectacular blooms will surely give your room a boost of energy!

The tiny, white flowers of the Bougainvillea are surrounded by three or six bracts. The bracts, or outer leaves, are often bright and colorful. This makes it a great choice for entryways, hanging baskets, and trellises. A Bougainvillea flower garland can add instant color to any room! The beauty of the flower is enhanced even further by its UV inhibitor, making it a good choice for outdoor use.

Choosing the best artificial silk flower wholesale. You will not disappointed.

When it comes to centerpiece, you can consider artificial orchid, fake mayapple, faux lily, artifical sunflowers, artifical pansy, tulip, bulk hydrangea, magnolia, spring beauty and so on.

Symbolic meaning

It is associated with the goddess Aphrodite and Venus. A Botticelli painting depicts pink roses on Venus. The Talmud collection of writings mentions that pink roses were grown in Jerusalem. The symbolism of roses extends over time. When it comes to color, different shades of pink have different meanings. Generally, light pink roses indicate sweetness while darker pink roses symbolize romantic love.

How to choose

If you’re still unsure how to choose between them, keep reading to learn more about these pretty flowers. Read on to learn more about the different types of artificial rose flowers you can buy. There are many different reasons to consider these beautiful flowers.

Get Inspired

We will upload our latest works on the relevant Youtube video channel to help you get more creative inspiration.

“This wholesaler always surprises me with a new variety of bougainvilleas almost every month, which always allows me to capture the market quickly.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose our company for artificial bougainvillea wholesale?

High-quality products: Customers may choose a supplier for their high-quality artificial flowers that look and feel realistic, have durable materials, and will not easily fade or deteriorate over time.

Wide range of products: Customers may choose a supplier that offers a wide range of artificial flowers, including different types of flowers, colors, and sizes, as well as complementary accessories such as vases and floral arrangements.

Competitive pricing: Customers may choose a supplier that offers competitive pricing for their artificial flowers, without sacrificing quality or variety.

Customization options: Customers may choose a supplier that offers customization options, such as the ability to create custom floral arrangements, select specific colors, or personalize their orders.

Excellent customer service: Customers may choose a supplier that provides excellent customer service, including fast and reliable shipping, easy returns or exchanges, and responsive and helpful support.

Ultimately, the reason why someone would choose a particular artificial flower supplier depends on their specific needs, preferences, and priorities.

Could artificial bougainvilleas be mixed with other flowers for wholesale?

If there is stock in the warehouse, at least one can be sold. If there is no stock in our warehouse, please contact our sales department for the minimum order quantity.

How to maintain artificial bougainvillea flowers?

Artificial flowers require no maintenance, just a simple dusting once a week.

If it’s too dusty, you can use a citrus solution made from water and lemon juice. Repeat this process once a week and you’ll never have to worry about dusting your faux roses again.

The artificial flower can be washed directly in clean water. Do not rub hard to prevent falling flowers or burrs. Do not rub and wash by hand to avoid discoloration.

Who are the target customers of artificial bougainvilleas?

Major wholesalers, wedding planning centers, flower arrangements, etc.

What is the material of artificial silk bougainvillea?

It’s not actually silk, it just looks like a real silk flower made in the 19th century. It is made of polyester, EVA, PVC, plastic and wire and other materials.

Can It be used outside?

It can be kept outdoors, but short-term storage is recommended. Because of long-term exposure to the outdoors, the product fades and deteriorates very quickly in light and rain environments.