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Artificial flowers has beed seen as one of the fastest growing craft industry in the market. A trusted artificial flower manufacturer and supplier in China since 2010
Provide high quality fake flowers, cheap faux florals, silk artificial flowers, plastic fake flowers, to meet the needs of fake flower wholesalers. Meanwhile, we provide customized service, OEM/ODM is welcome.

We hope that our cheap artificial flowers can make your wholesale business easy, whether you are engaged in artificial wedding wholesale, funeral flower wholesale, or other household industries, if you are looking for cheap artificial flower factories, then you come to Right place. We have a variety of cheap artificial flowers for you to choose from, such as artificial hydrangeas, artificial roses, artificial calla lilies, artificial tulips, artificial lilies, artificial peonies, etc., to meet your bulk purchasing needs.

Where to buy cheap artificial flowers:

  • Wholesale market: Merchants can go to the local wholesale market or comprehensive wholesale market to find suppliers. Usually the prices of goods here are relatively low, especially when buying in bulk, you can get a bigger discount.
  • Direct procurement from the manufacturer: directly contact the manufacturer of the artificial flowers to purchase, bypassing middlemen and wholesalers, and usually get a more favorable price.
  • Online B2B platforms: Similar to B2B platforms such as Alibaba,, and Taobao, merchants can search for fake flowers suppliers on these platforms and compare them to find products with higher cost performance.
  • Overseas procurement: Some merchants will choose to purchase in bulk from abroad because in some countries, especially the big artificial flowers producing countries, the production cost of towels may be lower and the price will be more competitive.

It should be noted that although cheap towels can be found in these channels, merchants should also pay attention to the quality and production environment of towels when purchasing to ensure that the products are qualified and comply with relevant regulations. In addition, shipping costs should also be considered when wholesale and purchasing, especially if purchasing from overseas, there may be higher shipping costs.

What is the price of cheap fake flowers?

  • Cheap artificial flowers usually have the following characteristics:
    Low-cost materials: Cheap artificial flowers are usually made of low-cost materials, which may be cheap PU, EVA materials, etc.
  • Simple production process: In order to reduce production costs, these artificial flowers often use simple production processes to reduce labor and time costs. This makes them relatively easy and quick to make.
  • Mass production: In order to reduce the cost of a unit product, cheap artificial flowers are usually mass-produced, and mass production is used to obtain discounts, thereby reducing production costs. The MOQ affects the price level.
  • Low-end design: Cheap fake florals are usually not overly complicated or elaborate in design, but adopt a more common and simple design style to reduce production costs.
  • Origin: Cheap handicrafts usually come from countries or regions with low manufacturing costs, such as some China, where labor costs are low, so the price of fake flowers is relatively cheap.

It should be pointed out that cheap flowers do not necessarily mean that they are of low quality, but may be relatively simple in terms of materials, process and design, and the cost is low. When purchasing handicrafts, consumers need to choose according to their own needs and budget. At the same time, they should also pay attention to the quality and compliance of fake flowers to ensure that they buy products that meet their expectations.

Blush Rose is a well-known manufacturer of cheap fake flowers with high cost performance in China. We have hundreds of varieties and we serve more than 30 countries in the world. Welcome to visit our factory or send products by mail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose our company for high quality artificial flowers wholesale?

With our rich experience and perfect organization, our company has established a good relationship  with global partners. Our product diversification enables guests to purchase the final home accessories, flowers and gifts in one stop.

What is the minimum order for bulk wholesale?

Our artificial flowers are low-value daily consumables, and we mainly sell to wholesaler.Usually the minimum order is 200 pcs for one color, if in stock, 50 pcs is ok. Other quantity can be negotiated according to the specific situation.

Can I buy your artificial flowers directly?

The wedding artificial artificial flowers is a product that requires a lot of energy, we don’t have that many employees, so we don’s supply to end users, we supply to trader and wholesaler only.

Could I get some samples before order?

Yes, usually the samples are free, you need to pay the courier fees


Can we do our own label/packaging?

We can hang the label on the product.

We can also put the product into a plastic bag or a specified box size according to your requirements, and then paste a barcode, etc.