fake croton bush branch 77cm

  • Height:77cm
  • 15 Leaves
  • Dia:8.8cm length:22cm
  • Material: fabric
  • Stem: plastic
  • Weight:110g
  • 200pcs/carton 0.26CBM
  • Model: plant 101

Croton (scientific name: Jatropha curcas) is an evergreen tree whose branches have the following characteristics:
Appearance: Croton branches are usually gray or gray-brown in color and have a relatively smooth surface, although some branches have a rough or raised surface.
Branches: The branches of croton are relatively thick, usually fusiform, wide at the bottom and tapering at the top.
Leaves: The leaves of Croton are palmately compound and consist of 3-7 leaves, the leaves are larger, usually 10-15 cm long. The leaves have hairy downs and are lighter in color on the underside.
Buds: There are many small buds on the newborn croton branches, which are light green and fluffy.
Generally speaking, the branches of croton are thicker, the leaves are larger, and there are hairs on the leaves, which have the characteristics of typical tropical trees.



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