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Our Specialties

Real artificial flower manufacturer from China, small fake flowers manufacturer, artificial plant manufacturer

BRSF artificial tulips 001

Home & Living

Handicraft enthusiasts get a favorite gift while getting leisure and entertainment.

Weddings & Events

The artificial flowers have little loss, are easy to save, and are more convenient and simple in wedding arrangements.

BR0049 artificial eucalyptus

Large hotel decoration

Make the hotel look high-end and luxurious, satisfy customers’ pursuit of beautiful things.

artificial red hibiscus bloom

Custom Bouquets

Customized special flowers according to the needs of the local market to meet diverse needs.

BR0025-5 artificial blue single stem hydrangea


Provide a good environment for diners and improve service quality.

artificial sunflowers 013


Create a good office environment, feel happy and improve office efficiency.

artificial silk light orange ranunculus


It can be used for a long time and basically does not need to be taken care of. 

artificial gypsophila Bloom173

Design diversity

You can design bouquets according to your hobbies, which are less limited than real flowers.


China Artificial Silk Flower Manufacturer

If you’re looking for a manufacturer that specializes in producing artificial silk flowers, we are one of your best partner in China.

We produce and market silk flowers, plastic flowers and so on that meet the needs of various countries.

Advantages of Artificial Flower Manufacturing


Artificial flowers are made of materials that can withstand wear and tear, and they don’t wilt or die like real flowers. They can be used for a long time without losing their beauty, which makes them a cost-effective choice for many people.

Low Maintenance

Artificial flowers don’t require watering, pruning, or other maintenance like real flowers. They can be kept clean by simply wiping them with a damp cloth, and they don’t attract insects or pests.


Artificial flowers come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes, making them suitable for any occasion, decor style or theme. They can be used to decorate homes, offices, events, or even in theatrical performances, as they can be easily arranged and manipulated to create different effects.


Artificial flowers are available throughout the year, regardless of the season, making it easy to find and use them whenever you need them.


Although some high-end artificial flowers can be expensive, in general, they are less expensive than real flowers in the long term. This is because they don’t need to be replaced frequently, and they can be reused multiple times, making them an affordable option for decoration.


As they don’t need to be grown, transported or disposed of, artificial flowers have a lower environmental impact than real flowers, making them a more sustainable choice

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How to import artificial flowers and plants from China

Importing artificial flowers from China can be a straightforward process if you follow these general steps: Identify the type of artificial flowers you want to import and research the market demand for them in your target country. This will help you determine the...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact us?

You can directly contact us to get the catalogue or buy. As well as for quick response, you can call or whatsapp:0086 139 2007 7206

How do you manufacture artificial flowers?

Blush provides hundred of artificial flowers in bulk. Also, we manufacture artificial plant.

The first step in creating artificial flowers is to choose the right materials. The most common materials used in artificial flowers include silk, polyester, and plastic. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the final decision will depend on the desired look and feel of the finished product.

Once the materials have been selected, the next step is to create the petals. This is typically done by cutting out the shape of the petal from a piece of fabric, and then using heat to shape it into the desired form. For silk flowers, this can be done using a hot iron, while for polyester flowers, a special heating tool may be required.

The petals are then typically assembled into a flower head. This can be done using a combination of glue and wire to hold the petals in place. Once the flower head is complete, the stem can be added. The stem can be made from a variety of materials, including wire, plastic, or even real wood.

To give the artificial flower a more realistic look, various techniques can be used. For example, some manufacturers will apply a coat of paint or dye to the petals to give them a more natural color. Others may add texture to the petals using a variety of tools, such as embossing or stamping.

Once the artificial flower is complete, it can be sold as is, or it can be used as a component in a larger arrangement. Some manufacturers specialize in creating entire bouquets or centerpieces, while others may focus on creating individual flowers that can be used to enhance an existing arrangement.

In conclusion, the manufacturing process for artificial flowers involves a variety of steps, from selecting the right materials to shaping the petals and assembling the final product. While the process can be labor-intensive, the end result is a beautiful and durable product that can be enjoyed for years to come. Whether you’re looking to create a simple arrangement for your home or an elaborate centerpiece for a special event, artificial flowers are a great option that offers endless design possibilities.

What are the worldwide artificial floral manufacturing production bases

Artificial floral manufacturing is a global industry, with production bases located all over the world. Some of the major production bases for artificial flowers are as follows:

China – China is the largest producer of artificial flowers in the world. The country produces a wide range of artificial flowers, from silk to paper flowers, and exports to various countries across the globe.

Thailand – Thailand is another major player in the artificial flower manufacturing industry, with a significant portion of the country’s economy relying on the production and export of artificial flowers. The country is known for its high-quality silk flowers, which are popular in the international market.

Taiwan – Taiwan is a significant player in the artificial flower industry, with a focus on producing high-end, luxury artificial flowers for the international market. The country is known for its skilled craftsmen who create intricate and detailed floral arrangements.

India(delhi, kolkata, mumbai) – India has a long history of producing artificial flowers, with production bases in various parts of the country. The country produces a wide range of artificial flowers, including silk and paper flowers, and exports to countries in Asia and Europe.

Italy – Italy is known for its high-end, luxury artificial flowers, which are popular in the fashion industry and for use in high-end events and weddings. The country has a long tradition of floral artistry, and its craftsmen are skilled at creating beautiful, lifelike artificial flowers.

United States – The United States is a significant producer of artificial flowers, with production bases located across the country. The country produces a wide range of artificial flowers, from simple plastic flowers to high-end silk arrangements, and serves both the domestic and international markets.

In addition to these major production bases, there are many other countries around the world that produce artificial flowers, including Japan, South Korea, Sri lanka, UK, Bangladesh, various countries in Europe. The global artificial flower manufacturers is highly competitive, and each country has its own strengths and specialties, creating a diverse and vibrant marketplace for artificial flowers.

Could you accept OEM order?

Blush Rose can provide OEM and ODM for your business according to the color, pattern, size, and flower type you provide. We have hundreds of patterns for you to choose from. Blush rose is a professional artificial flower factory, famous for its professional team and high-quality products.

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