artificial long stem calla lily flowers calla lily bulk wholesale

  • Height:73cm
  • Flower diameter:8.5cm
  • Material: EVA
  • Stem:plastic
  • 1200pcs/carton
  • ID:BRSF0200

Welcome to our collection of enchanting artificial calla lilies, where beauty and convenience come together in perfect harmony. These exquisite flowers are thoughtfully crafted with high-quality EVA, ensuring both the flower heads and leaves possess a lifelike appearance that will captivate your senses.

The stems of our artificial calla lilies are ingeniously made from flexible plastic, containing an inner iron wire for easy bending and shaping. With the added convenience of notches along the stems, you can effortlessly cut them to your desired length, allowing for versatility in your flower arrangements.

Each EVA calla lily flower boasts an impressive total length of approximately 73cm, with a perfectly proportioned flower head diameter of 8.5cm. These dimensions make them an ideal choice for crafting breathtaking bouquets that will grace any occasion with elegance.

Embraced by flower enthusiasts and experts alike, our fake calla lilies with stems have gained popularity for their ease of care and maintenance. Their everlasting beauty makes them an excellent complement to various types of artificial flowers, empowering you to adorn your home with a distinct and unique style.

Radiating with realism, these calla lilies will not fade or wither over time, making them a lasting token of love and care. Whether it's Valentine's Day or a special anniversary, presenting our calla lilies bouquet will undoubtedly convey your heartfelt intentions to your cherished family and friends.

The versatility of our artificial calla lilies knows no bounds. They are perfect for enhancing the ambiance of weddings, parties, homes, offices, cafes, stages, hotels, restaurants, and stores. Moreover, these graceful flowers become the centerpiece of attention and admiration when used in arrangements for various celebrations such as weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, birthdays, and the romantic Valentine's Day soirées.

With our realistic and exquisite artificial calla lilies, you can effortlessly elevate the beauty of any space or event. Embrace the convenience of long-lasting blooms, and add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your surroundings. Whether a gift for a loved one or a captivating addition to your decor, our artificial calla lilies are here to brighten and beautify every moment of your life.

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