artificial calla lily flowers bouquet for decoration wholesale

  • Height:57cm
  • Flower diameter:8cm 7 flowers 7 leaves
  • Material: EVA
  • Stem:plastic
  • 300pcs/carton
  • ID:BRSF0193

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We are a artificial flower cpmpany focusing on wholesale artificial calla lily bulk flowers.

Discover the enchanting world of our faux calla lily flowers! Each pack contains 7 exquisite calla lilies that will add a touch of elegance to any setting. Standing tall at 57cm with a flower diameter of 8cm, these lifelike blooms are a sight to behold.

Versatility is at your fingertips with these artificial flowers. Easily pair them with different vases or bottles to create stunning floral arrangements. Whether it's bouquets, centerpieces, kissing balls, boutonnieres, cake flowers, or any other floral displays, our real touch latex flowers complement any occasion.

Handcrafted with utmost care, our calla lilies are made from high-quality PU material. The stems are meticulously framed with wire and wrapped in plastic, ensuring a lifelike appearance that feels real to the touch. Rest assured that the color won't fade, even after washing, and these artificial calla lotus flowers will retain their freshness for an extended period.

Flexibility meets beauty in our faux calla lilies. Each fake stem can be easily trimmed and bent to achieve the perfect shape and length. The internal wire construction allows you to adjust and close them with a plastic green coating.

Should the flowers get pressed during transportation, a simple remedy awaits. Utilize hot water vapor or a hair dryer with hot wind, holding it for a few minutes, and the flowers will spring back to life. Please remember to work with caution at high temperatures, avoiding direct sunlight for the white polyurethane flowers to prevent oxidation and yellowing.

Embrace the allure of everlasting beauty with our faux calla lily flowers, a versatile and lifelike addition to your party, garden, baby shower, office, or home table arrangements. Create stunning DIY bouquets, shop displays, table centerpieces, and wedding arrangements, all bursting with the charm of our handcrafted artificial calla lilies.

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