wholesale artificial purple and white fake roses arrangements

  • Height:43cm
  • 9 branches 9 heads
  • Diameter:7.5-8cm
  • Material: silk
  • Weight:120g
  • 280pcs/carton
  • 0.52CBM
  • Model:Rose 005


We are a professional flower manufacturer that specializes in the production of fake roses flowers. We use only the highest quality materials and we guarantee that our products will last for years.

Our fake roses flowers are made from high quality materials that will ensure they look and feel real. They are not just for decoration, though. They can also be used for all kinds of things like fake flower arrangements, centerpieces, or even wedding bouquets!

We have many different styles available, too: from pink to white and purple to yellow! We have a large variety of sizes as well so you can find something that fits your needs perfectly.

Our fake roses flowers are so realistic that people often mistake them for real ones! Even when they are out of season, people will be fooled into thinking they're real because of how realistic our products look and feel like actual flowers.


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