Synthetic small decorative azalea flower bouquet wholesale supply autumn color

  • ID:BLYC001
  • Height:34CM
  • 7 flowers, 7 branch, 7 buds
  • Flowers total diameter:15cm,
  • Material:silk
  • 4 inner boxes, 1200pcs/carton, 130*60*80cm

If you want to import, please contact; whatsapp:008613920077206

With it, I wish you have nature, which is the breath of nature injected into your living space. The artificial bouquet can achieve the look and feel of more than 90% of the flowers, down to every flower and every leaf.
Rich, plump and bright in color, it can be used in multiple scenes, enjoying natural artificial flowers; artificial flower branches, free to choose and customize, as you like.
We strive for survival on the basis of quality, reputation first, face the public, and the principle of low price and high quality. Dozens of artificial artificial flowers, vines and flowers have been developed. Because of our cheap price, excellent quality and guaranteed reputation, our products have won praise from cooperative companies and customers. Now we can meet the requirements of different customers and give full play to the advantages of sufficient production capacity and low price. Meet the needs of customers at all levels. Carry out small mixed batches. No matter how much you purchase, fifty bundles or one hundred bundles, as long as you like our products. We will do our best to meet your needs.



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