real touch tulips wholesale China factory 5 pcs in a bouquet

  • Height:40cm
  • 1 head in a stem, 5 heads in a bouquet
  • Material:plastic
  • 80*45*50cm
  • ID:BLHSG-1

There are many colors of tulips, red like fire, pink like clouds, white like snow, colorful. They look like little princesses in evening gowns rushing to the ball, so beautiful!
Life needs a poetic dwelling.
High-value furniture decorated with flowers, simple and fashionable for the family.
Some tulips are in bud, as if they are about to burst, and some tulips are half open.
The delicate and soft touch comes from the craftsmanship.
Flower art is a beauty that lasts for a while, and every flower and leaf interprets our romantic ideal of life.
Multiple processes, real touch, clear texture, soft rubber material, high simulation degree, not easy to deform, long service life.
The leaf veins are clearly visible, realistic and natural.
Soft to the touch, the built-in iron wire in the branches can be shaped at will.

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