Artificial Fake Apple Blossom Silk Flowers Stems

  • Height:90cm
  • 4 branches
  • 65 heads,10 pieces of leaves
  • Material: fabric
  • Stem:plastic
  • Weight:100g
  • 500pcs/carton
  • 0.48CBM
  • SKU:Apple blossom 001


This artificial faux apple blossom flower is designed with high quality silk cloth and plastic stems, it is about 90cm high from bottom to top. Faux apple blossoms have five petals, plum-shaped. Apple blossoms are white with halo, 3 to 4 cm in diameter. Apple blossoms are white, trumpet-shaped, beautiful and graceful, while the fruit resembling occidentalis is brightly colored. The leaf buds are triangular, pointed and curved. It has short stem and long stem.
When it's made into an arrangement, it looks plump and beautiful.

Apple Blossom Artificial Flowers
Apple blossoms are synonymous with spring. They come from the apple tree, a deciduous tree in the Rose family. Although once there were as many as 20,000 varieties of apples, only a hundred of them are commercially grown in the United States. Apple blossoms contain antioxidants, which aid the body in ridding itself of free radicals. The petals of the apple blossom tree are also consumed as tea, which has been known to relieve stress, aid digestion and provide a clear complexion.

The apple blossom marks the transition between spring and summer, and its appearance announces the arrival of the season. They also promise to be transformed into the fall produce that everyone loves. However, there is a downside to this popular decoration: it's fragile and short-lived. Realism of apple blossom artificial flowers has long been a popular aesthetic choice for a variety of reasons.To counter this, the artificial flowers are available in realistic designs that will last for years.

A sour and aromatic flower, apple blossoms add a unique, refreshing scent to any room. The delicate petals are approximately 1.5 centimeters wide. These flowers are often sold on edible stems, and the fragrance is reminiscent of a green apple. Unlike many other types of flowers, apple blossoms tolerate high temperatures better than others. This makes them ideal for use in food and drink.

When buying artificial apple blossom flowers, make sure to select those with no cyanide. They are also suitable for displaying in floral arrangements or as decor pieces in a kitchen.

Apple blossoms are a popular flower for many reasons. Apple blossoms are considered part of the Yin-Yang balance and are used in Chinese herbal medicine. The flower's essence has a variety of benefits, and some of them include easing anxiety, balancing the mind and body, and removing toxins. It is a great choice for people who have trouble with fertility or have health problems.

If you're familiar with apple blossoms, you may already know some of the history behind these artificial flowers. The apple blossom was named the state flower of Michigan by William Harris in 1897. Its popularity led to an explosion of similar products, including clothing, decorations, and jewelry.
At the time, the apple blossom was native to the state, so its name is also related to the apple blossom.


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